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We design integrated solutions in the fields of energy saving and facility management, based on safety and reliability.



We aim at quality, reliability and resource savings, with the primary concern being fast depreciation, environmental protection and the added value of the project.



We utilize the experience of specialized technical staff in the fields of design, supervision and construction, in order to provide reliable solutions and services.


Enpro was founded in 2008, in Heraklion, Crete, by a team of engineers with many years of experience in the design and construction industry. It is a rapidly growing company, active in the field of electromechanical projects, technical projects for energy saving and installation automation, as well as in the field of building and facility management services.

Focusing on the development and production of complex and technically intelligent projects, the company soon managed to provide reliable solutions for small and large buildings of all uses. Moreover, with the confidence of many years and proven cooperation with the largest suppliers of materials, Enprochieved the recognition of the most important technical companies in Greece and gained the trust of its customers, effectively covering a wide range of requirements related to quality control. services provided.

It is no coincidence, after all, that the well-trained staff, the equipment, the use of certified machines, the keeping of records and the fleet created the conditions for the company to be active – beyond Crete – all over Greece.


The vision

At Enpro we work systematically in the direction of creating innovative solutions in our areas of activity. Our goal is to become the first choice of the most demanding customers, covering their needs immediately and effectively.

Besides, the projects of unique design and reliable operation, which we implement, have as their starting point our values ​​and guarantee the satisfaction of those who choose to trust us.

Enpro provides high quality services to government and commercial organizations, with an emphasis on personalized and responsible service. In particular, it has provided smart, innovative and sustainable solutions for customers active in, inter alia, trade, health, education and hospitality.

Within the framework of the corporate strategy, the specialized technical staff adopts and implements technologically advanced solutions, while utilizing modern and innovative methods, while keeping the costs at a low level. For this purpose, it plans the study of the whole space, so that the technical proposals are adapted to the individual needs of each user. Next, the design of the energy upgrade is presented to the customer, taking into account in each case the existing energy and economic indicators of the facility under study, for the documented energy and resource savings.

Finally, Enpro has a fully equipped fleet of vehicles, which operates independently, in order to meet – in time and quality – the requirements of each project or of each periodic-preventive maintenance of the facilities.

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Enpro utilizes the experience of technically impeccably trained staff in the design, energy and construction sectors, focusing on continuous development in new services and markets. Its comparative advantage is that it has the know-how for the study and elaboration of large and demanding projects, choosing high quality products of international construction companies.

It is no coincidence, moreover, that it has established itself as one of the most pioneering companies, with prestige and reliability, in the field of electromechanical projects, special technical energy saving projects and facility automation projects, as well as in the field of building and facility management services. . In particular, in the field of energy saving, it is active in the construction of specialized projects, with emphasis on open geothermal applications (exploitation of seawater / groundwater), for large tourism units and industries.

Finally, it is worth noting that Enpro has established successful collaborations with technical companies, which have undertaken and successfully completed remarkable projects in Greece.


Η Enpro is staffed by experienced engineers who monitor developments in the field of energy, train and apply in their field of expertise their knowledge, supervise and perform quality controls, confirming with all possible methods that throughout the construction processes comply with the necessary legislation.

It is noted that the technical and administrative staff of the company participates in occupational safety and hygiene seminars at regular intervals, as well as in training-information days, related to the new systems and innovative services offered in its areas of activity. The goal is their effective adaptation to a demanding and constantly evolving environment, which does not allow for complacency.

Moreover, the management philosophy is based on the assumption that continuous training of technical staff is necessary in order to follow market developments and be able to provide solutions to its customers before the need arises.

    Most Important Collaborations

    We attach importance to our collaborations in order to form our strong position in the construction industry. For our projects we supply strictly, high quality products, building long-term and stable cooperation with internationally renowned construction companies abroad. At the same time, we have developed a network of strategic collaborations with the largest construction companies in Greece, participating in projects of high demands throughout the country.

    Enpro is staffed by experienced engineers who are constantly developing new skills to meet the demanding and evolving modern environment.

    We are committed to our vision to constantly develop both in terms of specialized human resources and logistics infrastructure, as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies of technical and engineering projects and facility management inside and outside Greece.