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Electromechanical Projects

Security – Performance – Reliability
The low consumption of critical sizes that affect the environment, the quality of construction, the satisfaction of needs and safety of the user, the prevention of operational problems and failures, the proper operation of equipment, the controlled cost of construction, as well as the maintenance of us built plans for the immediate and thorough study of future extensions or the resolution of technical problems are the key features adopted by the Enpro in the field of projects.

Electrical works

* Electrical Installations
* Patient Facilities-Structured Cabling
* Electrical Supply Panels (Design & Installation)
* Medium Voltage Substations
* Electrical installation
* Fire detection
* Lightning protection
* CCTV, Alarms
* Gas ​​Leakage Sensors (LPG, ozone, etc.).

Hydraulic works

* Water Use Networks
* Heating / Air Conditioning Networks
* Floor heating
* Design and Installation of Engine Room
* Design and Installation of Pumping Stations (surface and submarine)
* Installation of Desalination-Reverse Osmosis Systems
* Installation of Chlorination Systems
* Engine rooms of swimming pools (swimming tanks).

Ventilation and ventilation works

* Air Conditioning Networks
* Installation of KKM
* Ventilation Networks
* Heat Recovery with Air-Air Exchangers
* Ionization filters.

Special Electrical Projects

* Audiovisual Media Installations (A / V)
* Data Network Installations (DATA)
* Installation of Central Management Systems (BMS, Hotel Room, Smart House).


Electromechanical Projects

Enpro has a complete and well-organized Technical Department, which is staffed with specialized personnel and undertakes the execution of electromechanical projects, from the simplest to the most specialized and complex, offering customers complete solutions, value engineering and added value of E / M infrastructure, always guided by safety – a primary concern for the company – and the maximum quality result in all the sizes that characterize the facilities.
The company also provides specialized preventive maintenance services of the facilities after the completion of the project. This project is undertaken by the Department of Facility Management