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Home Solutions
Using modern and innovative methods
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Home Solutions

We approach your home with solutions in the whole range of electromechanical applications.

We provide solutions for the safe distribution of electricity, economical and ecological heating and cooling of the space, the distribution of healthy water at the appropriate temperature, the appropriate air renewal, but also the complete and smart control of all systems. We design and implement applications in existing and new homes with priority on the needs expressed and guided by the safety and efficient operation of the system.

Heating:We provide you with heating of your home with systems: underfloor heating, fan coil or radiators. We design the systems based on their energy efficiency, the required quality and hygienic heat dissipation, the architectural specifications and the available means of heat production.

We save resources

using modern and innovative methods, to provide quality solutions with fast depreciation. The scientific staff of enpro prepares a complete study of your space so that our proposals for heating, cooling and water use are adapted to your individual needs.

Cooling: For the cooling (or cooling) of the house we use underfloor heating and cooling systems or fan coil (floor, built-in, ceiling or hidden-false ceiling). We design the systems based on the most efficient cooling of the house and the available heat sources as well as your refined needs.

Heat production units

In installations where only heating is required, we use heat pumps (air-cooled or geothermal), boilers (liquid, gaseous or solid fuels), solar thermal fields or hybrid systems utilizing two or more heat sources. In homes that require both cooling and heating, we utilize heat pumps suitable for both cooling and heating, and when energy and efficiency interests are considered, we combine them with solar thermal fields.

Use hot water

For the production of domestic hot water we use the sun as the main source of heat and we design systems that offer its most efficient exploitation. However, as the sun does not cover the increased needs that a modern home can have throughout the day and time, the parallel connection of alternative – backup heat sources is required. We combine the main heat source of the house with the domestic hot water production system.

The supply of water for use

In many homes the water pressure from the mains is not enough to meet your requirements. Taking into account the overall plumbing of your home as well as the habits of water use by the tenants, we design the most suitable system for efficient and stable operation.

The suitability of the water used

In some homes you require the water to be stored in large quantities and to remain stagnant for long periods of time. In such facilities we apply the strictest specifications so that the storage container and storage conditions are the most suitable for the observance of the sanitary requirements. Water treatment systems can also be installed to prevent or control possible disease formation.

Air renewal

In the most modern bioclimatic houses, an important part of the energy design is the ventilation and ventilation system and the energy cost. We design forced ventilation systems with the appropriate heat recovery device so that the air in the house is renewed properly with the lowest energy cost and much lower than natural ventilation during the summer and winter months.


System control:The combination of multiple systems, their interaction and their most efficient management, requires central control. At enpro we have a specialized automation department that develops central control systems of all energy systems and equipment with the possibility of automatic operation, remote control and operation, even with multiple scenarios of optimal system performance.

Facility safety

A key component for the safe and uninterrupted operation of all energy systems and electromechanical equipment, is the design of electromechanical installations to be done with modern regulations (suitability, energy efficiency, materials) and implementation with appropriate materials from specialized workshops with the appropriate equipment. engineer. At enpro we offer complete installation solutions with the supply of great experience, continuous information and development, well-trained workshops and fully specialized engineers.