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Facility Management
Installation management

Facility Management

Enpro Facility Management is part of Enpro and deals with the technical management of facilities, covering a wide range of activities: operation, supervision, renovation and upgrade of facilities, inspection, preventive-periodic maintenance and repair of possible failures, offering a high level of services in its area facility management.
Moreover, the most modern and well-organized structure of the company is crucial for the – in real-time – perfect and effective response to the daily needs of customers.
The services are provided through maintenance contracts that cover the customer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, coordinated by specialized technical staff, to ensure the organized process and outcome of the specialized CMMS software.
It is noted, finally, that Enpro provides Total Warranty Contracts for the technical equipment.

Activity sections

Enpro Facility Management Department offers high quality services to governmental and commercial organizations, banking and hotel group networks, industrial and craft sites, as well as multinational groups.

Special emphasis is given to personalized and responsible service, while the application of modern technological methods ensures economical solutions and an efficient, reliable and functional result.

Fully organized maintenance programs – harmonized with the most demanding specifications and instructions – and their accurate execution offer the customer the ideal operation of the equipment. At the same time, they increase reliability, offering security to staff, site visitors and equipment operators, while guaranteeing a healthy environment, the least possible energy consumption and reducing the energy footprint, while extending the life cycle of the equipment and of the time required for the reconstruction of the space.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

Enpro provides smart, innovative and sustainable solutions to customers active in the areas of retail, service, hospitality, manufacturing, transportation, health, education and technology.

ENPRO Facility Management installation maintenance contracts ensure the operation, supervision, control, preventive-periodic maintenance and repair of possible faults, while their terms include the inspection and certification of the equipment in terms of safety, suitability and sanitation specifications. terms.
ENPRO Facility Management, in addition, provides Total Warranty Contracts for technical equipment and undertakes conversion and renovation works.

It is worth noting that an important sector of the company is Efficient Energy Management, which is supported by the competent department of Enpro and offers the most modern and technologically sound energy upgrade and management solutions. Provides for its customers – regardless of the form or size of the business – energy saving and sustainable development services.

Our commitment to security

Our commitment to safety, sustainable development and the excellent performance of our services is reflected in the long-term, transparent and unshakable relationships we build with our customers on a daily basis.
* We provide high quality services
* We fully comply with our contractual obligations
* We adapt to the needs of the customer
* We invest in long-term relationships of trust
* We cultivate a spirit of cooperation and teamwork
* We contribute to society as a whole
* We respect the environment.

ENPRO Facility Management Department has a complete computer network, with the most modern and reliable support software, and communication-interface equipment.

In addition, the Coordination Center of Facility Management is constantly evolving, taking care of upgrading the means of processing the processes with modern software – software that is developed to order, covering the special needs arising from the processes and the cooperation between the software.

At the same time, the communication system between the Coordination Center and workshops in the field is constantly evolving, in order to ensure the best planning, immediate response, accreditation and verification of procedures, as well as the complete computerization of facilities and procedures in real time. In addition, each workshop and vehicle has a wireless device for encrypted communication with the Coordination Center and the Computerization System.

Computer Network - Instant Management of Available Resources

The Computerization Network and the electronic fleet and resource management, which has modern and internationally recognized or custom software for project monitoring and management, guarantee the management of maintenance and technical support services (CMMS), financial and accounting data (ERP) ), resources and warehouse. In addition, technical support applications are used for the most common technical equipment companies and customer equipment companies. At the same time, the fully computerized electronic and printed library of technical equipment manuals, as well as the file with the history of integrated fault detection and processing procedures ensure the immediate, valid and timely service of the customers.
The workshops utilize for equipment fault detection modern equipment from measuring instruments, such as microcameras, cameras in remote-controlled vehicles, thermal cameras and a variety of measuring instruments of electrical elements (instruments for certification of electrical installations, measuring length-damage-point of damage, cable, etc. cooling circuit breakdown, flow and pressure measurement).

Facilities Management

In the field of hygiene, ENPRO Facility Management can measure the air quality of a room with measuring instruments, which are certified according to international standards. At the same time, a program of cleaning-disinfection works (with certified chemicals and special robotic equipment) or, if necessary, upgrading of the ventilation and air conditioning networks of the premises guarantees the appropriate air hygiene conditions in the area.